Our story

French Warrior and Noble Winemaker

According to the legend, Olivier De Brim was born in the region of Cognac under the reign of the “Sun King” Louis XIV (1638-I715).

Olivier was a yologofotungest son of an owner ofa small chateau. By the law, all inheritance went to an oldest son. All younger children had 2(two) choices. One-to work an older brother, or for daughters-to get married and live with a husband family; for sons-to serve sovereign of the country-King Louis XIV. Olivier served His King well. His bravery and his military successes having made his reputation, Louis XIV offered him marquis title and a chateau to realize his dream to produce great wines and cognacs.

Today Marquis de Brim heirs continue his work with passion to offer a selection of great cognacs, that will delight the amateurs as the very connoisseurs.

Marquis De Brim Cognac is a tribute to the history of family’s Distilleries in Cognac province.